Site Clearance

We are experts in tree and vegetation clearance for land reclamation projects. 

We don’t just clear the decks, we take pride in the fact that we will assess the landscape and trees make sure that anything which have preservation orders are kept, those which will work aesthetically with the new plans for the area remain intact. We engage with our partners who can help with environmentally sensitive areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) or which need specific ecological services, of which we have many of around the Suffolk Coast and surrounding towns. We also consider the regulations which are involved in such clearing, ensuring that the right planning permission has been granted and that the impact to the environment isn’t a negative one.

We complete all the necessary works with our agricultural machinery from cutting, felling and clearing (including full stump grinding and root removal) the land leaving it in the perfect condition for you to continue with your project, whether it’s clearing land for housing developments, extra space to use, clearance for re-landscaping projects or levelling to create an even surface.

Our land clearance team operates for a wide range of clients including residential, property companies, landowners and councils. In certain circumstances we can prepare the felled timber to be in a suitable state for you to sell on and possibly recoup some of your costs, alternatively we can do a complete ground clearance for you.

Land clearance can be just the first step of a bigger project. If you would like to discuss how and what to replant, what are the best trees and vegetation for the area and soil and to compliment your new development, we would be happy to help.

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