Looking up a tree

Thinning and Deadwooding

The term tree thinning and deadwooding means that we identify and remove all major and smaller dead branches that the trees may have. Dead wooding removes the branches and limbs which have died off becoming dangerous to property to people, espeically during periods of high winds and storms.

Dead limbs which remain on tree can in time, affect the overall health of the whole tree as rot and disease can set in and spread to the healthy areas which can unfortunately lead to the whole tree dying and needing full removal.

Whilst deadwooding we would recommend we complete a crown thinning excerise.

Below you can see one of our team completing a deadwooding exercise on a Cedar in Bromeswell, Nr Ipswich, Suffolk

Here's an example of one of our Birch reductions and hedge trimming in Sutton, Woodbridge:

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